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Aluminium alloy strain clamp(wedge type) (NXH)

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NXH series aluminium alloy strain clamp

NXH series aluminium alloy strain clamp is suitable for distribution line up to 10KV,connecting aerial aluminium con-duct and pole tower.

Structure feature
 The body made of high strength tighten aluminium alloy
 Tighten structure,easy installaiton
 No waste electric enengy

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Product Description

1. Type: JMA HC-1
2. Suitable cable size: ABC cable 4x (16-35) mm2
3. Material: Hot dip galvanized steel, rubber, Anti UV plastic
4. Application: Suspension clamps are designed to anchor insulated overhead lines
On support places, Clamps are made from H. D. G steel and inside is inserted soft insert part, which hold
Cable against move
5. Product property: On poles, in alignment or angle, different level, also provide for hanging a public light bundle
6. Certificate: ISO9001: 2008 approved

The clamp has designed four core parallel groove, after clamping the four insulation conductor ( not remove the insulation layer) tighten up the bolt, have large grip strength.

Anchor clamp
High strength aluminum allloy, nylon plus fiber glass, stainless steel clamp

Anchoring clamp
Dead end clamp, Suspension clamp, Strain clamp, Anchoring clamp Tension clamp, Anchor clamp

Material: High strength aluminum allloy, nylon plus fiber glass, stainless steel
Product property: They are characterized by high mechanical stability, reduced dimensions for easier handling, high mechanical and climatic. Cable gripping device in insulating material ensures the double insulation of the neutral core and avoids damage to sheath, secured parts, no tools required. Stainless steel bail with two marbles compressed on the end, this conception allows an easier locking on the body of the clamp.

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