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FAQ for SC copper cable lugs connector

Question : What is the material ?

Answer : There are four different materials for choice

Best : T2 , 99.9% Copper , Few Manufactures use it Due to Expensive

Good : T3 , 99.7% , Almost 50% Manufactures use it Due to Reasonable

Common : Normal Copper , 20% Manufactures use it Due to Cheap

Bad : Brass

Most of Customers pay more attention Price than Quality

Question : How many types of SC Cable Lugs ?

Answer : If We sort by Size , There are three different types

Heavy Duty SC Cable Lugs , Standard SC Cable Lugs , Economy SC Cable Lugs

Heavy Duty Type usually be used in High Current Application Due to Thicker

If We sort by Hole : With Inspection Hole , Without Inspection Hole

Besides There are special types which have bell-mouth for wire easy insert

Question : What is the Thickness of SC Cable Lugs ?

Answer : Our Treatment of Surface will be Tin Plated up to 3-5um

For Special Requirement , We can also do 8-10um , 13-15um and 20-25um

Post time: Sep-24-2022