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What is DTL cu-al Bimetallic cable lugs?

Bimetallic Lugs are mostly useful where an aluminum cable has to be terminated by a copper bus bar or copper contact. If Cable Lugs of only copper or aluminum are used , a galvanic action occurs due to dissimilar contact. The use of bimetallic lugs thus ensures a technically sound and durable joint. The Aluminum barrel is friction welded  to the copper palm thereby achieving the best possible transition between barrel & palm.

Our range of Aluminum & Copper Bimetallic Lugs is having following advantages.

· Material : Conductivity Aluminum Barrel of 60% IACS & Copper Palm 97% IACS.

· Final Metal State : Fully Annealed.

· Jointing Method : Friction Welding

· Sizes : 16 Sqmm to 1000 Sqmm

Applications :

MV Terminations

LV Connections on Bus Bar.

Advantages of bimetallic lugs:

· Safe & low cost both in and use.

· All copper products are electro-tinned to BS standard and prevents it from corrosion and oxidation.

· PVC insulation is provided to terminals for exceptional di-electric strength & for supporting

· Entry to the wire barrel is shock-proof, or bell mouthed for faster and easier conductor entry.

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Post time: Aug-08-2022