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PAL Metal Tension Clamp

Short Description:

The PAL Tension Clamp are used to anchor and tighten LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger.These clamps are easy to install without tools and suitable for various climatic conditions.

Product Detail

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>The body is made of aluminum alloy

>The cleats are made of UV resistant synthetic material. They are captive.

>The stainless steel flexible linking cable is captive.It is equipped with a resistant,insulated and movable saddle.

>Fixing the insulated neutral messenger is ensured by cleats without damaging the insulation.

Technical Specification

Code PAL1000A PAL1000 PAL1500 PAL2000
Cable Size 16-35mm² 16-50mm² 16-70mm² 70-150mm²
Messenger DIA. 5-9.8mm 7-12mm 7-13mm 13-18mm
Breaking Load 10KN 12KN 15KN 15KN
Use This anchoring assembly is used for the single anchoring of A.B.C.(Aerial Bundled Conductors) with insulated neutral messenger. It comprises a bracket supporting one or two anchoring clamps.
Installation Open the screw and put conductors into grooves.Tighten the shear head nut.
Standard NFC 33-042; EN 50-483

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