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Silicone Rubber Insulation Sleeve 35KV 3 Core Outdoor Cold shrink tube printer for Power Cable Termination Kits

Short Description:

Type: Cold Shrinkable, Termination kit

Material: Silicone Rubber

Application: High Voltage, sealing protection over multi-core cable ends

Rated Voltage: 35KV

Tensile Strength: Excellent

Number of Conductors: Three

Cable Type: Polyethylene, rubber insulated cable

Cable Size: 50-630mm²

Function: waterproof,stress control and insulation

Stay rod Quality: high quality

Stay rod Price Range: Average

Other: OEM Service Offered

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Pengyou

Model Number: cold shrink tube

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Property

1. Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tube has good auto shrink property, and it has excellent weather resistant, and wide temperature range.

2. Cold Shrink Tube is a set of protection sleeve for a wide range of cables . Usually used as the sealing

sleeve for power cable connector, and terminations, communication base station wire connector, wireless communications tower and other coaxial cables.

Type Cable size(mm2)
WLS-35/3.1 50-95
WLS-35/3.2 120-185
WLS-35/3.3 240-300
WLS-35/3.4 400-500

Electrical cable accessories 35KV 3-Cores Heat Shinkable Indoor Terminational kits

35KV Series heat shrinkable cable termination kits have the function of waterproof, stress control and insulation. With the excellent electrical and mechanical function, they can be used in all kinds of conditions for a long time.With light weight and easy mounting, they are widely used in power supply and petrochemicals, metallurgy, railway station, sea port and other constructions.


Name Type Fit for cable(mm2) Length(mm)
Indoor Terminations
NSY-10/3.1 25-50 650 800 1000
NSY-10/3.2 70-120 650 800 1000
NSY-10/3.3  150-240 650 800 1000
NSY-10/3.4  300-630 650 800 1000

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