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Executive Chairman Xin Baoan Attends B20 IAC Meeting



On April 7, Xin Baoan, Executive Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China, attended the International Advocacy Caucus(IAC) Meeting of the B20 2022 through video link, and shared insights on green transition and sustainable development.



Xin Baoan said that green transition requires a well-functioning government to strengthen top-level design; it requires an efficient market to incentivise market players; it requires enterprises with a sense of social responsibility to take actions and make a difference; it requires international organizations to promote exchanges and cooperation. After President Xi Jinping put forward the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the Chinese government has established a policy system to support the climate goals and continued to optimize industrial structure and energy mix. As  a front-runner of energy transition, State Grid has released its action plans for the climate target and for building a new type of power system. In interconnection of power grids, State Grid has built 29 UHV transmission projects, with a cross-regional and cross-provincial transmission capacity exceeding 240 GW, and integrated new energy up to 550 GW; it has built the world’s largest new energy cloud, with a total of 2.67 million wind farms and solar stations connected; it has built the world’s largest smart EV service platform, with over 1.5 million charging piles connected, serving 6.4 million EVs in China.



Xin Baoan also called for long-term efforts in innovative cross-border investment and technological cooperation. On the one hand, open markets are needed more for trade liberalization and facilitation, and create favorable conditions for cross-border investment in green fields. On the other hand, financial and technical support should be enhanced for technology advancement and a more efficient and convenient transfer of green technologies to developing countries. Eyeing on promoting inclusive development and improving energy accessibility, State Grid leveraged its technology advantages in power grid and served the UN SDGs. In Brazil, it invested and built the Belo Monte ±800 kV UHV DC transmission project, which can transmit each year more than 40 TWh of clean hydropower in the Amazon basin to load centers such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo 2,500 kilometers away, effectively meeting the power demand of 22 million local residents. In Pakistan, it built the Matiari-Lahore ±660 kV HVDC transmission project, which can transmit 30 TWh of electricity each year from Matiari in the south to Lahore in the northeast, providing stable and high-quality electricity to 10 million households.



Hebei Fengning Pumped-storage Power Station




The Qinghai-Henan ±800 kV UHV DC project transmits clean energy to Central China.

Xin Baoan said green transition requires collaborations in knowledge and capacity building for mutual benefit and win-win results. For overseas projects, State Grid has been proactive in providing consulting services and professional training for its partners and local employees. State Grid is ready to work with all parties to further strengthen exchanges and deepen cooperation, and make our contribution to building a beautiful home of our planet and building a community with a shared future for mankind.



Gansu Jiuquan 10-GW level wind power base.



The Phase II (XRTE) of the Belo Monte UHV DC project in Brazil.

Post time: May-09-2022