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JJC Insulating Piercing Connector 1kv

Short Description:


(1)Weather resistant glass fiber reinforced polymer.

(2)Contact teeth: tinned brass or copper or aluminum.

(3) Bolt: dacromet steel.

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Function and Features

JJC insulation piercing connectors are mainly used for the connection, branch connection and grounding protection for 10 kV and 1 kV or down to 1 kV.

1. Simple installation. Put the main wire and the branch wire directly on the right places. Screw the nut tightly with the insulating gloves and spanners.

2. Low resistance and heat uneasily. The special bolts can control the connectors invariably for superior electric connection and less wire spoilage, the normal service life of the stilt insulating wires

3. Sealing structure and good insulation. The connectors are filled with insulating oil. As a result, the sealing structure conductor can increase the insulating intensity and safety.

4. Wide range of applications. They are applicable for the branch connection of copper aluminum wires or of inequality-diameter wires, the direct connection of equality-diameter wire sand the transit connection of the copper aluminum wires.


1. The conductors for the cable connectors must be in national standard.

2. The workers must be extremely professional in their work.

3. Please put on the insulating gloves and use the insulating spanners.

4. Don’t use it again after dismantlement due to its non-renewable character.


Application to 1 kV (or < 1 kV) overhead electricity distribution systems, Application to street lighting systems.