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JBL Series Manufactured Electric Aluminum Specific Forms Parallel Groove Connector Clamp For Power Fitting

Short Description:

Measurement system: Metric

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Pengyou

Model Number: JBL

Material: Aluminium

Structure: PG clamp

Usage: cable connector

Product Detail

Product Tags

Catalog No.  Size mm
JBL-16-120 45 50 M8
JBL-10-150 50 50 M8
JBL-35-185 62 64 M10


JBL, JBT, JB-TL series specific forms parallel groove clamp is suitable for unendure force splicing and branch on the aerial wire, being used with insulation cover. It’s action is insulation protection.

Structure feature

Select oxidize-resistance aluminium alloy.
Teeth-shape structure, touch with lowly resistance, reliable splicing.
All pars connected with each other, it can’t lose parts during installation.
An arc embrace the most part, conductor can’t change.
Insulation cover performance feature

Withstand voltage: 18kv keep voltage one minute not breakdown
Insulation resistance: >1.0×1014Ω
Weather proof performance: have good performanced after 1008 hours artifical climate aging test.

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